Milestone Group provides individual, group, couples, and family therapy. All our services are tailored to the unique needs of our valued clients. Our services include:

Counseling and Psychotherapy

We treat a variety of problems including mood and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress, marriage and couples issues, occupational stress, and more. We specialize in serving:

For victims of physical and sexual abuse, the suffering doesn’t always end when the abuse stops. Low self-esteem, flashbacks, nightmares, avoiding certain places and things, and other problems can continue months, even years later. The good news is that no matter how extensive or long-ago your abuse occurred, you can recover. There are many empirically supported techniques, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) that are very effective in reducing or eliminating post-traumatic symptoms.
Veterans and active members of the military are the heroes who keep our nation safe. They routinely place themselves in the path of danger rather than run from it. Understandably, incidences of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as lesser forms of stress, occur more frequently among these brave men and women. They are also very treatable with techniques such as flooding, systematic desensitization, and EMDR
First responders are the heroes who keep our communities safe. They include police officers, firefighters, EMS/Paramedics, and other emergency personnel workers. As a result of the high levels of stress they encounter, first responders can experience a broad range of mental health consequences. At the Milestone Group, we provide specialized services to improve the mental well being of these brave people who protect our nation’s well being.
Employees who report wrongdoing in the workplace—known commonly as “whistleblowers”—often suffer harassment from their employers as a consequence of their speaking out. Many are forced to quit or are fired. Recent research has shown that victims of this type of abuse can develop PTSD symptoms. Fortunately, treatment for this condition is both available and effective.

All sessions are conducted and supervised by a fully licensed, experienced clinician.


Striking the proper balance between such life domains as work, school and home can be daunting in this face-paced world. Let a qualified Life Coach or Executive Coach help you navigate the twists and turns of your life journey, that you might achieve greater self-awareness and personal fulfillment. Services include:

  • Workshops
Certified Executive and Life Coaches can help you to advance in your career, improve work performance, explore and identify different career paths, and more effectively tap into your personal power.
A career assessment helps you identify your internal strengths and weaknesses as well as what you most like and dislike about the jobs you have held throughout your life. You’ll then explore different career categories to see which types of jobs might best utilize your skills and talents and involve the tasks you most enjoy.
An effective résumé is more than just a chronological list of job descriptions. It’s your personal marketing tool, and like any good advertisement, it should demonstrate to an employer how you are uniquely qualified to meet their needs. Our Career Marketing Expert can help you transform your résumé and cover letter into a powerful tool that gets you noticed!
Milestone Group offers workshops on many topics such as personal empowerment, job hunting tips and tricks, and others. Call 732-291-1993 for more information.

Group Counseling

For those who desire the added benefit of peer support, we offer group therapy facilitated by a licensed clinician trained in therapeutic group work. Topics include:

  • Loss of a Loved One
  • Pet Loss
  • Surviving Sexual Trauma
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Unemployment Support

All groups are small in number (no more than 12 participants) and meet weekly for 90 minutes in a comfortable, relaxed setting. New groups are formed based on demand. To find out more, call 732.291.1993.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Assessments

Do you sometimes wonder if your drinking or drug use might be getting out of hand? Talking with a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) can help you sort out the answers and get your life back on track. We offer:

  • A friendly, non-judgmental environment
  • Integration with 12-Step
  • On-site testing
You are more than just the symptoms of your addiction. You are a complete human being who also possesses dreams, hopes, strengths and virtues. This Whole Person treatment approach encourages you to always view yourself as a complete person, while helping you to build insight into the nature and scope of your addiction and develop the tools and resources you need to achieve lasting recovery.
A comprehensive substance abuse assessment consists of completing the Addiction Severity Index, which is a widely used self-inventory questionnaire. The assessment also takes into account the results of four random, weekly urine drug screens that you will be asked to submit.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Developed by famed psychologist Francine Shapiro some 20 years ago, this groundbreaking technique has been proven effective in treating a range of problems including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) grief and loss, and unresolved anger and resentment, to name a few.

EMDR is also one of several empirically supported techniques approved by the United States Military to treat combat PTSD.

A licensed clinician, with supervised experience in EMDR work, administers this treatment. For more information about EMDR, click here.

Insurance Billing

Milestone Group participates in most major insurance plans and, when possible, will accept out-of-network benefits as well. Our Billing Department handles all in-network claims and authorization requests, so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of extra paperwork.