Meet Our Staff

James Genovese

James Genovese holds state licenses as a professional counselor (LPC) and a clinical alcohol and drug counselor (LCADC). He holds a Master of Arts in Community Counseling from The College of New Jersey and post-masters credits from both Monmouth University and Capella University. He is a member of Chi Sigma Iota, the academic honor society of professional counselors. Mr. Genovese has a wealth of experience in this field, as well as marketing and project management expertise from having served as an associate director of a large nonprofit organization. Prior to founding Milestone Group, he ran a successful career marketing and communications consulting business.

Mr. Genovese’s primary theoretical orientations are is cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and client-centered. The theory behind CBT is that maladaptive behaviors originate from faulty cognitions—or self-talk—that people create for themselves in response to events in their environments. The client-centered approach involves meeting each client where they are, in a collaborative and mutually respectful relationship, and celebrating the strengths and virtues within them.

Clients find Mr. Genovese to be friendly, compassionate, spiritual, and possessing a gentle humor. He is also goal-directed and eclectic in his treatment approach, and will customize each client’s treatment plan to meet his or her specific needs.

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Wendy Graff

Wendy Graff is Milestone Group’s Billing Representative. She has a solid background in medical billing both on the client side and as the owner of a her own billing service company. Wendy brings warmth and compassion to her work. A firm believer in customer service, she is known for the utmost care with which she treats all clients.